September 12 (Tokyo)

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Breakfast. The time has come to get to know the great Japanese city, the capital, Tokyo. We will begin the visit knowing the Meiji Shrine, built in honor of Emperor Mutsuhito and the Imperial Palace Square (the entrance to the Palace grounds is not included). We will continue visiting the Senso-ji Temple, a Buddhist temple dedicated to Bodhisattva Kannon and the Nakamise shopping street, which is characterized by its narrowness and because, having 250 meters in length, on the east side it has 50 shops and on the west side 30. We will finish the visit in Ginza, the Japanese golden mile. Rest of the day off in which we recommend you continue to know the city on your own: Shinjuku, full of neon lights, the typical image of Tokyo; Harajuku, the place that brings together the most picturesque geeks in the city; Asakusa, a return to the past and temples; Akihabara, famous in the world of technology and electronics; or Roppongi, with a lively international atmosphere. We will return to the hotel on our own. Accommodation.

The optional visit can only be hired at destination (JPY 5,000 per person). In case of hiring it, the transfer to the Hotel would be with assistance. In the Extra Season (cherry blossoms) instead of Odaiba and Tokyo Bay, the Shinjuku Gyoen Garden is included to enjoy the sakura.

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