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I am Ana Isabel Delgado Cánovas and I have been in the world of tourism for 20 years. After extensive experience in the best travel companies in this country and after working in several tourism plots (issuing part, receptive part, in companies, in groups and lately leading incentive groups of companies, the most beautiful and creative part, which has allowed me to see and know the world), a restlessness arises within me.

That restlessness that arises within me is materialized in three questions:

What is traveling?
Why travel?
How to travel?

And so Anael Tours emerged, to answer these three questions that appeared in this stage of my life, a search stage and to offer something else to the traveler who noticed that something was missing.

What is traveling?
For me to travel is to find oneself; that is why these trips are to raise awareness, to raise one's knowledge. They are trips of discovery, of change, of reuniting, of loving each other..

Why travel?
To experiment, to grow, to become other people than those who start the travel, to be better, more complete.

How to travel?
Consciously, because traveling is a blessing but conscious travel is a privilege.

As a result of these three questions, here I am with this project, in which we ask our travelers to have an open heart. Wanting to share, live unique and new experiences in search of different experiences that will conect us with the totality and achieve greater integrity.

"If you want to see what you've never seen, do what you've never done."

"Each trip is a pilgrimage to oneself, an encounter with the most intimate of our being that renews us and positions us again in the world"