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centro energetico creta


It is an island in the Mediterranean Sea that belongs to Greece. On this island is the etheric temple of the Brotherhood of Crete that manages all the frequencies of the Green Ray. The city of Heraclios (Hercules) represents the Force (Blue Ray). This means that two types of energy converge to this place.


In Moscow is the etheric temple of Master Saint Germain. The energy that acts from this place is that of Transmutation, and it is in turn that belongs to this Age.

centro energetico moscú
centro energetico glastonbury


The characteristic that defines Glastonbury is that it concentrates various spiritual currents that make it a town totally submerged in the New Age. It is said that in this place two telluric lines or energetic lines of the Earth intersect: the San Miguel or the Dragon line and the Santa María line, with which this town is located in a powerful energy center. That is why between its streets you can see manifestations of the different religions and beliefs, both for their temples of worship and for the number of stores dedicated exclusively to healing, spirituality, personal growth and mysticism.

In addition you can also visit sacred places where druids and priestesses offered worship to the Goddess already in ancient times before Christianity and that later in the Middle Ages churches or abbeys were built instead. Currently there are only remains of these buildings, but they still have a legendary atmosphere because in this region there is also talk of the mythical King Arthur as well as the Holy Grail.