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An adventure to reconnect with your best version and disconnect from stress. Traveling is the only thing you buy and it enriches you more.

Traveling opens our horizons, our vision and our way of seeing life, makes us change our emotions, takes us out of our comfort zone to discover and overcome challenges.

But, what does a trip have of which there are only images to remember?

The trips that impact us are those in which we live unique and different experiences that transform our way of seeing the world, which generate us an insight to improve as people and professionals.

Adventure in Kenya is a program that unites personal development with professional skills training, through coaching, mindfulness, meditation and High Impact techniques.

This program provides you with tools to be more present, be more effective and have a greater strategic vision with your environment (professional, personal, family ...) and with yourself.

Walking on fire is a powerful metaphor for overcoming the beliefs and fears that keep people in their comfort zone, without acting in their lives and at work. For the first time in the middle of the African savanna, Firewalking.

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Madrid - Addis Adeba

Flight from Madrid to Addis Adeba.

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Addis Adeba - Nairobi

Rest and visit Kazuri Beads, a pottery factory that helps stigmatized women in Kenya by giving them decent training and employment so they can sustain themselves financially. Visit to the Elephant Orphanage of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Project.

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Nairobi - Aberdare

Day to start connecting with us. We will work awareness and learn techniques to connect with us through breathing, mindfulness and meditation. Observation of wild animals.

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Aberdare - Lago Naivasha

The most impressive park, visited by millions of pink flamingos. Swimming pools to rest and safari in the afternoon. Here we will work on setting objectives and priorities.

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Lago Naivasha - Masai Mara National Reserve

Masai Mara is one of the largest nature reserves in Africa, where the famous migrations occur. Safari at sunset to enjoy the wildlife.

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Masai Mara National Reserve

Safari at dawn We will work on observation, sensations and communication in a practical way. In the afternoon, we will focus on the contribution and visit a Masai village to meet them.

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Masai Mara National Reserve

For the first time in Masai Mara, a whole day of personal transformation with a very special end of the party, a Firewalking.

The Firewalking or walk on the coals is an ancient ritual that connects people with their internal resources to achieve the seemingly impossible: you walk on coals at more than 500 degrees without burning.

After this transformative and empowering experience, we will have dinner in the middle of the savannah. An elegant dinner served in an isolated clearing in the middle of the African jungle, under the sky lit by the stars.

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Masai Mara - Nairobi

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Nairobi - Madrid

Return flight.

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