Eternal Japan


September 2020
Places available 20
12 days
* (see conditions below)

Discover the great cultural wealth of Japan, full of nuances. Visit cities like the dynamic Tokyo or the traditional Kyoto and its geishas. Feel the harmony and beauty of its temples, shrines, gardens and landscapes.

Enjoy the exquisite combination of flavors and textures of its cuisine. Experience the kindness, hospitality and respect of the Japanese people.

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September 4 (Madrid - Osaka)

Departure by regular flight to Osaka, via intermediate connection points. Night on board.

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September 5 (Osaka)

Arrival in Osaka, customs procedures and meeting with a Spanish-speaking assistant who will help us get on the Airport Bus (shared service). If our hotel is Monterey Grasmere, the bus will leave us at the station and we will continue to the hotel on foot with the assistant. If the hotel is Sheraton Miyako, the bus will stop directly next to the hotel. Rest of the day off (room available after 3 pm). Accommodation.

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September 6 (Osaka)

After breakfast, we will begin the visit of the city of Osaka. We will begin the visit knowing the Osaka Castle, built at the end of the 16th century by Toyotomi Hideyosi, which was reduced to ashes and rebuilt on more than one occasion. We will continue with the “Floating Garden” Observatory in the Umeda Sky building, which is the seventh tallest building in Osaka and one of the most recognizable images of the city for its characteristic structure and the tubular escalators that cross it at the top. The building is 173 meters high and was designed by Hiroshi Hara. We will end by touring the Kuromon Local Market, with more than 170 years old and 150 stores, one of the most popular in the city. Lunch. Rest of the afternoon free to continue knowing the city on our own. Accommodation.

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September 7 (Osaka/Nara/Kyoto)

Breakfast. Departure to Kyoto, the capital of tranquility. Our first stop will be in Nara, where we will visit the Todai-ji Temple, which houses a Great Statue of the Dainichi Buddha, and the Park of the Sacred Deer, with more than 1200 Sika deer. Back in Kyoto, we will visit the Kinkaku-ji Temple, also known as the Golden Pavilion, which was initially a resting village, then it was converted into a Zen temple of the Rinzai sect and is currently one of the best known images of Japan . We continue our visit with Nijo Castle, famous for a beautifully sculpted gate and sliding paper doors with traditional paintings. Lunch. We will end the visit with a walk through the area of ​​Gion, the famous geisha neighborhood, in whose streets, with a little luck, we can see some of these elusive ladies. Back to the hotel. Accommodation.

Suitcases will be transferred separately from Osaka hotel to Kyoto.

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September 8 (Kyoto)

Breakfast. Free day to continue visiting the city or for optional excursions. We recommend you to hire the optional excursion with Spanish speaking guide to Hiroshima and Miyajima. On this excursion, you go to Hiroshima by bullet train to see the Peace Memorial Park, where the Atomic Bomb Dome is located, a reminder of the fateful events that took place on August 6, 1945. After leaving for the island Miyajima shrine to visit Itsukushima Shrine, world famous because the huge torii over the waters of the bay. Return to Hiroshima station to leave, again by bullet train, back to Kyoto, where the excursion ends. Accommodation.

The Torii of Itsukushima Shrine is under construction for restoration so it is currently covered with scaffolding.

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September 9 (Kyoto / Shirakawago - Takayama - Gero or Takayama)

Breakfast. Today our route takes us to Shirakawago. Located in the heart of the mountains, surrounded by rice fields, is this quiet village considered World Heritage since 1995. We will know one of its traditional houses (minkas) built according to the Gasshozukuri style; wooden houses with four floors and thatched roofs whose distinctive feature is the position of the roof, between 45 and 60 degrees. Then, transfer to Takayama. Arrival and visit of the historic district of Kamisannomachi, which, in the old town, preserves a special charm that moves directly to the Edo period (1600-1868). There, we also visited the Yatai Kaikan, which is the exhibition of traditional floats used during the city festival. Lunch. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and accommodation in Takayama or Gero, depending on the date of departure.

Large suitcases are transferred separately from the hotel in Kyoto to the hotel in Tokyo, so we will have to prepare a backpack with the necessary supplies (max. 10kg) to spend a night in Gero or Takayama and another night in Hakone.

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September 10 (Gero or Takayama - Tsumago - P.N. Hakone)

Breakfast. We leave for Tsumago to transport in our "time machine" to the time of the samurai. We will visit a traditional samurai house that housed the lower ranking officers, the Waki ​​Honjin. We will also take a walk through the town, which recreates the atmosphere of the post towns. Transfer to Nagoya station, to leave by train to Odawara and, from there, make the transfer to the hotel in Hakone. Dinner and accommodation.

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September 11 (P.N. Hakone - Tokyo)

Breakfast. Today you will visit Hakone National Park, one of the main natural enclaves of Japan. Relax on a cruise on Lake Ashi (or Ashinoko) from where you can get stunning views of Mount Fuji that, as long as the sky is clear, is reflected on the waters of the lake. Then we will visit the Owakudani Valley or “Great Burning Valley” that goes into the ancient crater of Mount Kamiyama, a landscape from another world. We finish the visit at the Chokoku-no-mori Museum, the Hakone Open-Air Museum, with more than 650 sculptures by Japanese and Western artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. After lunch we will continue by road to Tokyo. Arrive and transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.

The visit of Lake Ashi could be canceled due to adverse weather conditions. In that case, the Hakone Sekishoato will be visited (reconstruction of a “customs checkpoint” of a medieval road)

The visit of the Owakudani Valley can be canceled in case the volcanic gas density is too high, or for traffic reasons on the access roads. In that case, the visit will be replaced by another, to be confirmed at destination.

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September 12 (Tokyo)

Breakfast. The time has come to get to know the great Japanese city, the capital, Tokyo. We will begin the visit knowing the Meiji Shrine, built in honor of Emperor Mutsuhito and the Imperial Palace Square (the entrance to the Palace grounds is not included). We will continue visiting the Senso-ji Temple, a Buddhist temple dedicated to Bodhisattva Kannon and the Nakamise shopping street, which is characterized by its narrowness and because, having 250 meters in length, on the east side it has 50 shops and on the west side 30. We will finish the visit in Ginza, the Japanese golden mile. Rest of the day off in which we recommend you continue to know the city on your own: Shinjuku, full of neon lights, the typical image of Tokyo; Harajuku, the place that brings together the most picturesque geeks in the city; Asakusa, a return to the past and temples; Akihabara, famous in the world of technology and electronics; or Roppongi, with a lively international atmosphere. We will return to the hotel on our own. Accommodation.

The optional visit can only be hired at destination (JPY 5,000 per person). In case of hiring it, the transfer to the Hotel would be with assistance. In the Extra Season (cherry blossoms) instead of Odaiba and Tokyo Bay, the Shinjuku Gyoen Garden is included to enjoy the sakura.

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DAY 10

September 13 (Tokyo)

Breakfast. Free day in which we recommend you to take the optional excursion to Nikko, where we will visit the Shintoista Shrine of Toshogu, Lake Chuzenji, we will climb the zigzag road I-Ro-Ha and see the Kegon waterfall, with lunch included. Accommodation.

Transport for the optional excursion depends on the number of participants. In high season visits to Lake Chuzenji and the Kegon waterfall can be substituted depending on traffic.

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DAY 11

September 14 (Tokyo)

Breakfast. Transfer, without assistance, to the airport to depart on a regular flight back to Spain. The transfer will be made with Airport Bus from the hotel to the airport, with the bus tickets that the guide will have provided us in the previous days. We recommend leaving the hotel at least 4 hours before departure of the return flight. Arrival and end of the trip.

In case there is no bus to the airport due to the departure time of the flight (the return flight must leave after 08.00 am), the transfer to the TCAT bus station will be done by taxi on behalf of the client (not included) in the price). If the departure flight is too early, breakfast will be lost (non-refundable).

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DAY 12

September 15 (Tokyo - Madrid)

Arrival and end of the trip.

Japan 2020


Osaka- Monterey Grasmere Osaka (19m2)

Kyoto - Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kyoto Ekimae (24m2)

Gero / Takayama - Associa Takayama Resort (35m2)

Hakone / Atami - Resorpia Hakone (Western Room) (21m2)

Tokyo - New Otani (Garden Tower) (27m2)


Osaka - Sheraton Miyako Osaka (24m2)

Kyoto - ANA Crowne Plaza Kyoto (27m2) / Gran Via Kyoto (34m2)

Gero / Takayama - Ryokan Suimeikan (Hisenkaku or Sansuikaku Building)

Hakone - Resorpia Hakone (Semi-Western semi-Japanese room with beds) (27m2)

Tokyo - New Otani (The Main) (36m2)

* Ryokan-style hotels with Japanese rooms have futon beds on tatami floors.


Osaka - Monterey Grasmere Osaka (19m2)

Kyoto - Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kyoto Ekimae (24m2)

Gero / Takayama - Associa Takayama Resort (35m2)

Hakone / Atami - Resorpia Hakone (Western Room) (21m2)

Tokyo - New Otani (Garden Tower) (27m2)

Japan 2020



HAB DOUBLE - € 2,820


HAB TRIPLE - € 2,660


HAB DOUBLE - € 3,200


HAB TRIPLE - € 3,040

OPTIONAL (Price per person):

Hiroshima and Miyajima (without lunch) - € 445

Nikko with lunch - € 260

Air taxes and fuel to add to the price € 425 (Subject to change until the time of issue).

We recommend booking optional excursions from Spain; depending on availability may not be offered at destination

NOTE: the airlines are calculated based on actual availability at the time of the quotation. For groups of more than 9 people, the air fare will have to be requested from the airline's group department, and the rate may vary depending on availability.

Important note: in Japan, triple rooms usually consist of double rooms with an extra folding bed or a cot. In Ryokan-style hotels, the extra bed is usually a futon for sleeping on the tatami floor. The combination of 1 bed is recommended for 3 adults. Double + 1 room Triple.

No service has been reserved or blocked, subject to availability.

OPTIONAL (Price per person):

Insurance Expansion of Coverages - € 73.50


  • Intercontinental flight Spain-Tokyo // Osaka-Spain with Emirates, via Dubai, in economy class.
  • Accommodation in the indicated or similar hotels.
  • Luggage transfer service from Kyoto to Tokyo (1 package per person, maximum 23kg). The transfer of a second bag or additional weight will be an additional payment at destination. Likewise, in the transfer of departure, any additional suitcase will have a surcharge of 1000 JPY to be paid at destination, regardless of the size of the suitcase.
  • Travel insurance.

Option to regulate (up to 8 PAX):

  • Daily breakfast, 4 lunches and 2 dinners.
  • Transfers in shared service.
  • Local Spanish speaking guide for visits. Spanish speaking assistant on arrival transfer. Departure transfer is done without assistance. Depending on the number of participants, visits could be made by public transport or private buses.
  • JR bullet train tickets in economy class.
  • Tickets to monuments specified in the itinerary.


  • Guide in the transfers of entry and exit.
  • Assistant in the transfer of departure.
  • Supplements for transporting more than one suitcase per person.
  • Entrance tickets to the Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo.
  • Elevator in the Kegon waterfall.
  • Optional / recommended excursions.
  • International and domestic airport taxes.
  • Lunches and dinners not specified in the section Included services.
  • Tips (not usual in Japan), drinks at lunch / dinner, communication expenses, laundry and ironing, personal expenses, and in general any other service or option not specified in the itinerary or expressly mentioned in the section Included services.
  • Camera / video tickets in the monuments.
  • Charge for excess baggage and private expenditure.
  • No other service not specified in the section Included services.

Japan 2020

IMPORTANT: The large Torii portico of Itsukushima Shrine is being restored, so it is currently covered by scaffolding.

The double bed is not very common in Japan, most hotels do not have it available, so it can be requested but can never be guaranteed 100%.

Rooms available during regular check-in hours (never before 3 pm) and check-out (never after 11 am) of the hotels.

In Japan there is no official categorization of hotels. The indicated categories are an orientation regarding the categorization of hotels in Spain.

ONSEN hot springs: There is a bathroom for women and another for men (separate).

For cultural reasons people with tattoos are not accepted in the “ONSEN”; If they are small tattoos, they can cover it with gauze, but if they are large tattoos, we cannot guarantee access.

Depending on the return flight schedule, the duration of the trip could be one more day (not included in the price).

IMPORTANT. Only one suitcase per person is allowed (max. 23 kg).

When there are more than 25 participants in the same bus in the group, we will use headphones during visits so that the explanations of the guide are well heard.

WiFi available on excursion buses (except for transfers).

Depending on the number of passengers in transfers and visits, public transport may be used instead of private vehicles or vice versa.

All prices mentioned on this trip have been calculated based on the applicable exchange rates and rates in force on the date of presentation. A significant variation of these elements may lead to the revision of the final price of the trip, both upwards and downwards.

Payment with American Express and Diners Club cards is not accepted.

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