Saturday, may 11, 2019

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Breakfast. Departure to visit the Abbey, mythical and sacred place, where they say they found the body of Geneva and King Arthur, although beyond that, the magic that runs through the place, and where we will really begin our journey towards our own inner light and Self-transformation staff, the Chapel of Mary or the ponds, the small medicinal garden that the monks cultivated and are still preserved or the story of how the reconstruction of the place was developed by an architect using psycho-reconstruction ... Everything, everything leads you to forget what you left behind and begin this pilgrimage towards your own ... Being. In many of these places two great lines of telluric energy intersect, those of Santa Maria and San Miguel Arcángel.

     Later, we will visit the Garden of the Chalice, mystical and magical place where José de Arimatea left the Chalice that he brought with him, with the blood of Jesus Christ ... they say that the water with iron that comes out of his entrails, the same ones that run through Tor and the White Spring, is due to the nails of the crucifixion and also left in this place. In this place of crystalline and loving energy we will make an encounter with our Higher Self and do a meditation with visualization directed by Feli Moreno and channeled for this moment. Inside the Well, there is a cave, where magical rituals were performed to become part of the Mythical Beings of Light that vibrate and live in these places, for something, this place is called among the locals: "The forest of the Fairies ", as they say they inhabit it. There is palpable magic, as in the whole enclosure, being there an inexplicably energetic powerful place, since it is crossed by a powerful telluric line, known as The Dracon Line ...

Later, we will visit the Chapel of Mary Magdalene, located in the center of Glastonbury, just a few meters from the Church of St. John the Baptist and Joseph of Arimathea. It is an ideal place for recollection, meditation, relaxation and healing, both in the chapel itself and in the surrounding garden.

At the fall of the light, at sunset, we will visit The Tor. We will climb the Tor making seven stops to thank the Sacred Labyrinth of the Goddess that surrounds it, and to allow us to enter such a magical space. In each of them we will perform a little meditation or awareness feeling the place, so that when we reach the top, we are energetically and lovingly prepared to receive the information that usually entails climbing with the respect that this place deserves, away from the time, which continues to receive the visit of travelers full of joy in the heart because life has allowed them to carry out this personal baggage that will enrich it forever, be aware of it... or not. Return to Glastonbury. Accommodation.

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