Japan 2020

Places available
* (see conditions below)

IMPORTANT: The large Torii portico of Itsukushima Shrine is being restored, so it is currently covered by scaffolding.

The double bed is not very common in Japan, most hotels do not have it available, so it can be requested but can never be guaranteed 100%.

Rooms available during regular check-in hours (never before 3 pm) and check-out (never after 11 am) of the hotels.

In Japan there is no official categorization of hotels. The indicated categories are an orientation regarding the categorization of hotels in Spain.

ONSEN hot springs: There is a bathroom for women and another for men (separate).

For cultural reasons people with tattoos are not accepted in the “ONSEN”; If they are small tattoos, they can cover it with gauze, but if they are large tattoos, we cannot guarantee access.

Depending on the return flight schedule, the duration of the trip could be one more day (not included in the price).

IMPORTANT. Only one suitcase per person is allowed (max. 23 kg).

When there are more than 25 participants in the same bus in the group, we will use headphones during visits so that the explanations of the guide are well heard.

WiFi available on excursion buses (except for transfers).

Depending on the number of passengers in transfers and visits, public transport may be used instead of private vehicles or vice versa.

All prices mentioned on this trip have been calculated based on the applicable exchange rates and rates in force on the date of presentation. A significant variation of these elements may lead to the revision of the final price of the trip, both upwards and downwards.

Payment with American Express and Diners Club cards is not accepted.

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