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Documentation: A passport with a minimum validity of 6 months is required for Spanish citizens.

Visa: You need an entry visa to the country. This procedure can be done at the airport itself.

Language: Arabic is the official language, although in almost all tourist establishments they speak English, French and Spanish.

Currency: The local currency is the Egyptian Pound. 1 Euro equals about 8 pounds. In hotels, boats and shops accept VISA, AMEX and MASTERCARD. It is advisable to bring euros and change to the local currency as needed. It is also advisable to carry 1 and 2 euro coins.

Clothing: Light clothing, cotton or linen is recommended; comfortable shoes, sunglasses, hat, sunscreens. umbrella to protect from the sun, closed and comfortable and also open shoe. When visiting churches and mosques, women should cover their shoulders and legs. Skirts must be below the knee and the sleeves covering the shoulders.

Climate: Warm in winter and hot in summer. Very similar on that to Spain. In summer the average temperature is about 20º to 38º. In March, we will have heat in the day and it may cool something at night. Bring a jacket or shawl for air conditioners and at night for the deck of the ship.

Gastronomy: In hotels and boats, the food is international, combined with Egyptian. This is not very spicy being soft and pleasant. As more representative dishes of traditional Egyptian food we have:

Ful: white beans, main seasoning in its most diverse ways. Kebab: roasted lamb meat, presented with parsley. Haman: roasted pigeons stuffed with wheat with raisins. Manshi: vine leaves stuffed with rice, with meat, raisins, pine nuts... Koshari: macaroni with rice, lentils and tomato sauce. Kofta: corn tortilla stuffed with lamb or chicken.

They also have excellent Mediterranean fish. Keep in mind that you should drink a lot of water. The local beer is very appetizing, low in alcohol. You can drink wine during meals but it is somewhat expensive.

Shopping: Very interesting and excellent quality are cotton garments. You can also buy interesting pieces of jewelry both in silver and gold. Papyrus, carpets, perfumes... Do not forget that when buying you have to use the art of bargaining. It is recommended to reach up to -40%.

Voltage: In hotels and boats it is 220 v.

Hours: Egypt has one hour more than in Spain at the moment.

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