Bali 2020

Places available
* (see conditions below)

Rooms available during regular check-in / check-out hours, 2 pm and 11 am respectively.

Visitors must dress discreetly and respectfully, with shirts / shirts that cover the shoulders (not suspenders) and avoid shorts / skirts to enter the Temples and official buildings.

Due to weather causes, planned schedules, or causes beyond our organization, visits may vary in the order of realization, but not in the content.

In Indonesia there is no official categorization of hotels. The hotel category is based on the local tourist classification. The indicated categories are an orientation regarding the categorization of hotels in Spain.

The Spanish passport with a validity of more than 6 months at the date of departure from the country and, at least, two consecutive blank pages is necessary for the trip.

All users are also reminded, especially those who have a nationality other than Spanish, who must make sure by consulting with the corresponding Consulate, before starting the trip, to have fulfilled all applicable rules and requirements regarding visas in order to be able to enter without problems in all the countries to be visited.

All prices mentioned on this trip have been calculated based on the applicable exchange rates and rates in force on the date of presentation. A significant variation of these elements may lead to the revision of the final price of the trip, both upwards and downwards 21 days before the departure date, due to unforeseen increases in airfare, fuel, currency fluctuation, etc..

The cancellation of the services will be subject to review according to the moment in which it occurs depending on the cancellation conditions of each air and / or ground service provider.

Payment with American Express and Diners Club cards is not accepted.
Rooms available during regular check-in and check-out of hotels.

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